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Boys Town South Florida Assists Family During Difficult Transition

Ortigo family

Lewis Ortigoza and Deysy Pachano, along with their daughter, Daniela, came to the United States from Venezuela looking for new hope and a new beginning with only their clothing and a few personal belongings.

Their journey was complicated by the fact that during birth, 12-year-old Daniela was without oxygen for an extended period of time and suffered brain damage. She was later diagnosed with West Syndrome (Cerebral Palsy) and has been confined to a wheelchair ever since.

The family fled Venezuela due to the political unrest, but they got off to a rough start in finding assistance.

That is, until they found Boys Town South Florida.

Lewis and Deysy reached out to several agencies, including Boys Town, for help. The family was very open and welcoming from the beginning. They just needed help getting a start in their new surroundings.

Daniela was having some behavior issues and Deysy needed help in learning how to manage those behaviors. Boys Town provided help with Preventive Teaching, Setting Tolerances, Staying Calm and Effective Praise. Deysy said using Preventive Teaching helped her in preparing Daniela for new activities and reduced her previous behavior issues.

But the family needed help with more than just behavioral issues. Daniela needed a way to be transported. She no longer had a wheelchair, and the family had other every day needs.

Boys Town helped find shoes for Daniela, and a new bed for the family. But the big item still needed was a wheelchair.

Lewis and Deysy had resorted to using an undersized stroller with Daniela in a car seat to transport their daughter. It was far from ideal, but like any family, they made it work.

Ortigoza-Pachano-family-2.jpgBut then Boys Town found an organization, Wheelchairs 4 Kids, that could possibly assist the family. Boys Town helped Lewis and Deysy complete a lengthy referral form. The family was informed it could be a lengthy process and it was not a guarantee that Daniela would get a wheelchair. But after a month, the family was informed that a technician would come and take measurements and would submit an estimate for approval. After the approval, the technician returned to take a mold of Daniela’s body for a special Mold Chair to help with her spine curvature. On February 25, 2020, approximately 6 months from initial referral, the family received the wheelchair.

​​Lewis and Deysy have newfound hope in their move to the US, and Daniela is overjoyed to have her new mode of transportation. The family is getting more comfortable in its new surroundings every day and are so appreciative to Boys Town South Florida.​​