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Behavioral Health Clinic: Testimonials

​​​​​​​​​​​​"I sat in the initial meeting with Dr. ​Chris and Delaney. She was very shy and guarded, as she normally is. He read her like a book, though. As guarded and quiet as she was, when she walked out of the first session, you could see the tension just lifting off her shoulders. Two days later, she sat in her band class for the first time in two months! After the second session, she hasn't missed a band class once. The guidance counselor at school was amazed. She said she had never seen a turnaround with a student like that in her 30 years. Dr Chris had gotten through to her like no other therapist ever had. ​Something ​clicked and ​she was able to understand and learn to ​deal with her anxiety head on." Read the full story.

— Michael Shechtman

​"We have been referring clients to the Boys Town Behavioral Health Clinic since it opened in Palm Beach County. In every case we have seen amazing rapid results. Dr. McGinnis and Dr. Nguyen are both experts in behavioral psychology. Their methodology is logical, very simple to follow and implement, and effective. We give Boys Town our highest possible recommendation."

— Dr. Kris & Wendy Soderman, Ideal Preschool and Elementary & Dream Middle School

​"As a Vanderbilt trained pediatrician, I have worked with many psychologists in Southwest Florida over the past 25 years. None have ever surpassed my favorite: Dr. Chris McGinnis. I have known and worked with Chris for over 10 years. He has taken on my patients' most challenging behavior problems, and has done extremely well with all of them. I appreciate that Chris is very thoughtful and thorough with all patients, great with professional feedback, and uses a science-based approach to treatment."

— Thomas M. Schiller, M.D., FAAP, Fort Myers pediatrician

​"Over the years, I have found Dr. McGinnis' insight into behavior problems including sleep disorders, eating disorders, school problems, learning disabilities, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and autism spectrum disorders to be invaluable and a great service to my patients who I referred to him. Usually he was able to make remarkable progress in working with the families to resolve these issues and improve family dynamics. He ​will be greatly missed here in Southwest Florida, but will be a great asset to the population of the Southeast coast of Florida and to Boys Town. Before moving to Florida I was full-time faculty at the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine, which has a long history of excellence in pediatric behavioral medicine. Dr. McGinnis brings that same quality care to his patients."

— Bruce H. Berget, M.D., FAAP, Fort Myers pediatrician

​"Dr. McGinnis is a premier behavioral specialist that I have been referring patients to for years. I can attest that I have seen young kids' lives change, which then impacted the entire family dynamics. He has been able to improve the lives of many of my patients with problems from ADHD, autism, anxiety, and sleep problems as well. Of particular note, I am incredibly impressed with exactly how well versed he is with sleep health. If I had to summarize Dr. McGinnis with just two words, they would be integrity and compassion."

— Jose Colon, M.D., MPH, Fort Myers pediatric neurologist and sleep specialist

​"Dr. McGinnis is a highly effective behavioral psychologist and close colleague. I wouldn't hesitate to refer to him for targeted behavioral intervention to address some of the most challenging developmental or behavioral issues encountered by parents, educators, and physicians."

— Cori J. Calkins, Psy.D., Fort Myers family psychologist

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