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Basket Brigade Volunteer Registration

Each participant must register online. No on site registrations can be accommodated due to the confidential nature of the families served.

Volunteer Information

One-time Event Volunteers Confidentiality Agreement
As a one-time event volunteer and non-employee of Boys Town, you will have access to confidential and private information which includes but is not limited to service recipient lists, service recipient information and protected health information (PHI) such as client names, addresses and telephone numbers. Information learned as a result of you volunteering for this event should not be discussed or shared with anyone outside of Boys Town staff, and to the extent possible, every attempt should be made by volunteers and non-employees to protect the anonymity of the children and families we serve.

By checking this box, you are agreeing to keep all information received regarding clients confidential and ensuring information received is then shredded and/or destroyed once the Thanksgiving basket is delivered or not delivered.

"By attending this event I give Boys Town South Florida, Inc. and its affiliates' permission to use my photo, name, image, voice, likeness, comments, and information about me in any way that supports the Boys Town South Florida, Inc. mission, vision, and values of Saving Children, Healing Families."