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Impact Las Vegas Donation Benefits Common Sense Parenting

​​On June 6, ​2016, Boys Town Nevada was chosen as a $23,000 grant winner from Impact Las Vegas. This grant was awarded to Boys Town Nevada above 76 other Nevada nonprofits to support its Common Sense Parenting® (CSP) program. Boys Town Nevada and Impact Las Vegas share a similar goal of improving the community which is what makes their partnership so strong.

Impact Las Vegas is a nonprofit organization modeled after Impact 100, an organization created in Cincinnati, OH in 2002. Since the organization’s origin, it has spread to 30 cities across the United States, including Las Vegas, and 5 across Australia. Impact Las Vegas is made up of 23 philanthropic women whose main goal is to create a greater impact in the community by pooling together their individual donations to create one large gift. The amount of $23,000 donated to Boys Town Nevada is the collective donations of $1,000 from every member of the organization.

“Boys Town Nevada’s application was very well done. It was very thorough- explaining exactly how many parents and families it would impact in the community,” Maureen Romito, President and Founder of Impact Las Vegas said about the organization’s final decision, “It made us feel like we could make a big impact in the community.”

Common Sense Parenting is a research-based six-session, 12-hour course that teaches parents techniques to help build strong, healthy relationships with their children. Boys Town Nevada has been teaching CSP in the Las Vegas area since 1991 to promote stronger family bonds. This program differs from any other parenting programs in the Las Vegas area due to the Boys Town Continuum of Care where families in need of additional services outside of CSP have the resources available to them. In addition, most CSP classes are available at elementary schools as part of Boys Town Nevada’s Community Engagement Initiative, which make classes easier to attend.

The $23,000 grant from Impact Las Vegas will benefit more than 1,530 parents through the purchasing of books and course materials and assist Boys Town Nevada as they expand their partnership with Clark County Schools in hopes of serving more than 6,000 families over the next four years.

“The Las Vegas community is blessed to have generous organizations, like Impact Las Vegas, who care so passionately about their community that they invest their time, talents, and treasure,” said Denise Biben, Boys Town Nevada Executive Director. “Boys Town Nevada is honored to have been selected to partner with Impact Las Vegas as we invest in the future of our city by investing in its parents!”

Interested in taking our parenting classes? Learn more ​about CSP!