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Boys Town Nevada Highlights Positive Changes with its Youth Awards Night

​​Praise ​is an important and ​key element of the Boys Town Model, and on April 25, Boys Town Nevada took praise to the next level at its Youth Awards Night. Held twice a year, the Youth Awards Night recognized youth for their outstanding academic and behavioral achievements. Additionally, youth voted on peer awards, while the Boys Town staff were honored for their dedication to the mission.

This tradition has grown to become a beloved ceremony for Boys Town Nevada. The 47th bi-annual event held on April 25 welcomed 90 guests, bringing current youth, alumni, family members, and staff together to praise each other’s achievements.

“While most of our society focuses on what teenagers, especially those at-risk, do wrong, we celebrated all the wonderful things they are doing right!” said Denise Biben, Executive Director, Boys Town Nevada. “For many of our kids this is the first time in their life they’ve received public praise and been made to feel special. Every kid should have those moments, and last night we made sure our kids did.”

Home awards for the evening included:

  • Highest GPA by Family Home
  • Best School Citizenship by Family Home
  • Good Samaritan Award
  • Flanagan Award

Youth voted awards included:

  • Best Greeter
  • Nobel Peace Prize
  • Most Likely to Become Famous
  • Most Likely to Become a Family-Teacher
  • Most Positive Male/Female Role Model
  • Outstanding and Significant Progress Award

Superstar Youth Awards were also given out to recognize Family-Teachers’ biological children who selflessly share their parents with the Boys Town family.

Boys Town Nevada looks forward to the next Youth Awards Night to be able to showcase even more progress and achievements.