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With Boys Town’s Support, Family Pulls Together to Work through Problems

Alyna (center) and Joseph got to attend a Las Vegas performance of Hamilton

As a reward for their hard work in improving their behaviors, Alyna (center) and Joseph got to attend a Las Vegas performance of Hamilton with Marisela Aguina, the Boys Town Family Consultant who worked with their family. Tickets to the show were generously donated by a Boys Town Nevada supporter.

Families in need of support can make great changes when they know at least one person cares.

For the family of Marina Rodriguez, that one person was Boys Town Nevada Family Consultant Marisela Aguina.

Marina, a single mom to 15-year-old daughter Alyna and 14-year-old son Joseph, was working full-time at multiple jobs, trying to make ends meet and provide for her family. Unfortunately, with Marina often being away from home for work, Alyna and Joseph got into trouble.

Both teens ended up on probation for destruction of property and for making other bad choices. When she was referred to Boys Town Nevada for assistance, Marina admitted she was struggling and feared she was losing control of her kids. She said she didn't know how to talk to her children about correcting their behaviors, but was eager to get them back on track, at home and in school, and strengthen their family relationship.

When Marisela first started working with Marina, Alyna and Joseph during home visits, she implemented a 10-week program that would help the teens meet the requirements of their probation and help Marina improve her parenting skills. Marisela also linked the family to a number of community services and accompanied them to scheduled court hearings.

Over time, Marina learned and implemented new discipline strategies with Alyna and Joseph, creating a more structured home environment. She also began using effective consequences and communicated with her children with more patience and understanding.

Together, Marina and her kids have taken big steps toward becoming a closer and stronger family. Both teens are now officially off probation, are enrolled in summer school and have a better relationship with their mom. During their last court hearing, the judge expressed happiness and pride in both teens' progress. Marina also left one of her jobs so she can spend more time with Alyna and Joseph, and she is happier and less stressed in her daily routine.

"I learned how to make better choices," Alyna said of her experience with Boys Town Nevada. "We all make mistakes, but we can also learn how to fix them. I can't thank Boys Town enough for sending Marisela to our home."

Marisela credited the Rodriguezes' success to their willingness to work together to resolve their problems.

"Alyna and Joseph have a bright future," she said. "Both teens are working toward completing their school credits and graduation. The family has a strong relationship and is able to communicate and solve problems together. I'm extremely proud of all the progress these kids made and how much time and sacrifice Marina made to see her children succeed. Giving someone a little faith can really be the key to putting them on the right path to a better future."