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Boys Town Nevada LIFT Together Program Helping Kids and Families During Virtual Learning

“Back to School" looks very different for families here in Nevada this fall as the Clark County School District has opted for full-time virtual learning amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Boys Town Nevada has also made changes and adjustments to continue to serve kids and families through our LIFT Together program, an initiative that sees Boys Town partner with local schools to address behavioral challenges both in the classroom and at home. Our School Support Specialists may not be physically on campus, but they are still supporting students and their families.

Through flexibility, and with the assistance of technology, Boys Town Nevada staff has found ways to continue to provide the imperative services that LIFT Together encompasses. Staff are working face-to-face with families to ensure they have the materials and infrastructure for their children to learn at home. Our Family Consultants work with families to set up schedules for home schooling, and to continue to work on parenting skills and address behavioral issues, including truancy.

Staff will also be hosting Virtual Social Skills Groups, bringing students together in a safe and distanced capacity. Additionally, Boys Town trainers will provide specialized virtual trainings to teachers on how to identify students who may need additional support and services.

Boys Town's staff remains committed to serving children and families in our community and maintain a flexible approach to program administration during these challenging times. To learn more about LIFT Together and Boys Town's other programs, contact Jessica Sasso at