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Boys Town Nevada’s Behavioral Health Clinic Growth Fund: Poised for Growth in 2021

​​​​In 2017, Boys Town Nevada opened the doors of its new Behavioral Health Clinic (BHC). The Clinic provides therapeutic services for children ages 2 to 18, and is one of the very few that provides services in our region to children ages 2 to 5. Services offered include Individual Therapy, Family Therapy, and Psychological Evaluations. In 2019, the Clinic served 244 youth, and is projected to serve over 300 by the end of this year.

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, and with Las Vegas students engaged in full-time distance learning and many families experiencing unprecedented stress, the demand for mental health resources continues to climb. The Clinic has long had a consistent 100-person waitlist of three to six months, and a growing demand for specialized services. This year has brought on additional demand. As a result, the Behavioral Health Clinic looks to expand services in 2021 to better meet the demand of our local community. Boys Town Nevada has launched the Behavioral Health Clinic Growth Fund to help us do just that. The Fund will help the Clinic grow in the four key areas you see here, allowing us to provide a greater variety of services to even more children and families in Las Vegas.

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT): This evidence-based treatment for young patients with behavioral problems works with children and their parents to provide tools to address behavioral concerns and offers strategies and training to prevent larger issues down the road. Currently, there is only one other provider in the entire state of Nevada that staffs PCIT-licensed clinicians.
Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) Program: This program enables clinicians to accurately diagnose and treat kids on the autism spectrum across age, developmental level, and language skills. Due to a shortage of certified professionals in the Las Vegas area, the current waitlist for kids in Las Vegas to receive this type of assessment is over one year, and costs more than $1,000.
Post-Doctorate Training Program: As the Valley struggles to attract and maintain talented mental health professionals, Boys Town Nevada's BHC is adding a Post-Doctorate Training Program which will enable post-docs to receive valuable training from our licensed clinicians. The program will also help attract and retain licensed professionals to work in Southern Nevada for years to come.
Addition of Remo​te Offices: The majority of patients referred to the BHC are by local pediatricians, who report that the leading concerns parents share at appointments are behavior-based. In an effort to serve even more youth, the BHC looks to open additional offices, co-locating our practitioners right in pediatrician offices.

If you would like to become a partner in growing our mental health services in Las Vegas, an area already deemed a Mental Health Service desert, please contact Stephanie Lahat at to learn more about ways to support.

If you are in search of services for your child or a child you know, please contact Krystyna Kettner, at​.​