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My heart breaks when I hear what some of the children and families we serve went through before coming to Boys Town.

As a child, Edward suffered abuse for 12 years before he was able to break free and get help. Today, he receives support from a caring aunt and uncle and is doing very well despite his painful past. I shudder to think how different his life would have been without Boys Town.

Tens of thousands of hurting children and families across America reach out for help from Boys Town every year. But even more of those in need find help because we work with partnerships like the Alliance for Children and Families. I’m proud to say Boys Town is a member of this thought-leading organization and that I serve as Vice Chair on the Board of Directors.

With other members of the Alliance, we advocate for family-centered care and positive changes in regulations and laws that impact children. It is wonderful to see child care leaders discussing the serious issues and taking action to better the lives of children and families.

Together, we can truly change the way America cares for its children, families and communities.