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Boys Town does a LOT. We have a vast set of services, and it’s a challenge for us to tell our story, because there is so much that we cover. So, we’re providing you with descriptions of our services AND letting those we’ve helped tell their stories about how they were helped by our services. Read or watch—either way, you will be glad you did.

The Boys Town Family Home Program provides a family for children ages 10 to 18. Six to eight boys or girls live in each single-family home with husband-and-wife Family-Teachers®. These children come to Boys Town for a variety of reasons – family issues, abuse, neglect, abandonment, involvement in the juvenile justice system and for a variety of other reasons. Family-Teachers and Assistant Family-Teachers® (who help care for youth in Family Homes) provide compassionate, effective care while meeting the daily needs of each child. These kids have come from environments that have lead them to develop abnormal behaviors. The Family Home program we create an environment where they can begin to develop behaviors that allow them to re-enter society.

All from different, troubled backgrounds, these children needed the structure and guidance that only a Boys Town family could provide…

With our Boys Town In-Home Family Services, we help teach families not only how to handle issues after they arise but also how to prevent them from becoming disruptive to their homes. Keeping families together and teaching them to be resilient, results in a less traumatic experience for parents and children and in more cost-effective, high-value care that aids state governments and society as a whole. Working with our Family Consultants, family members learn how to create a safe, nurturing homes for children, and how to use resources in the community to help them solve problems on their own. Our Consultants are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide support and assistance.

After enduring years of torture, Edward was able to escape. However, the transition from a life of strict captivity to one with little or no boundaries was difficult for Edward and his family, they turned to Boys Town for help.

The Boys Town National Hotline is a free resource and counseling service that assists youth and parents 24/7, year-round, nationwide. The hotline receives about 150,000 contacts a year. The calls range from parenting help to suicide intervention.

Fully intent on committing suicide that night… Kenna made a phone call that saved her life. – Watch Kenna’s Story.

Programs like these save lives like Kenna’s every day; support the Boys Town mission and donate today.