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Boys Town’s Not the Only Guinness World Record Holder in Omaha Anymore!

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Boys Town is proud to welcome Omaha-based Scooters Coffee to the elite group of Guinness World Record title holders! Boys Town holds the record for the world's largest stamp ball and on March 22, Scooters Coffee was inducted into this prestigious group by becoming the new record holder for the world's largest cake ball. Baked from scratch and weighing in at an impressive 848 pounds, this record-breaking baked good achievement was the icing on the cake of the company's 25th birthday celebration.

Guinness World Records has been documenting and celebrating record-breaking world achievements since 1955. There are strict policies governing what constitutes an official record and an official Guinness judge/adjudicator, along with non-biased third-party participants, must be on hand to certify the results.

That's where Boys Town, as a fellow record holder, stepped in to help. Three members of the Boys Town community including a current student, a Family-Teacher and a recent graduate involved in the Successful Futures program, witnessed the entire “road to the record" process from baking and decorating the cookie ball to transporting it for the judging. Not only did they serve as witnesses, but they also were required to sign the official documents for the final submission. Scooters Coffee got its “just desserts," and secured the official World's Largest Cake Ball record.

Following the authentication of the new record, the mammoth treat, never to be seen again, was sliced and served to more than 1500 attendees on hand to witness the event. Boys Town's record-breaking 600-pound stamp ball, however, lives on and is displayed for all to see in the Leon Myers Stamp Center at the Boys Town Visitors Center.​

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