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The Nebraska Chapter of the American Concrete Institute (ACI) has honored the Boys Town Education Center with the prestigious 2023 Award of Excellence. This recognition highlights the exceptional use of concrete in the state and solidifies the project’s position as a leader in innovative design and construction.

In today's ever-changing world, concrete projects must adapt to economic, environmental and aesthetic demands. The Boys Town Education Center’s design perfectly captures the essence of Boys Town while incorporating creative techniques and technologies.

The exterior façade, inspired by the historical facilities of Boys Town, features a playful brick pattern in the original precast concrete mural. This standout feature was created with state-of-art concrete technology, showcased in a 16 x 30-foot concrete wall celebrating Boys Town's rich history. This unique graphic concrete technology utilizes a large-scale heavy paper with a concrete retarder printed on it. The paper is placed in the formwork, and concrete is poured over it. Once the concrete cures, the paper is removed, revealing an impressive image on the concrete. This exclusive technology is sourced from Finland and is only available through graphic concrete and enterprise precast concrete.

The ACI Excellence in Concrete Construction Awards serves as a global platform to recognize and inspire excellence in concrete design and construction. A panel of professionals from various disciplines within the concrete industry judges the submissions.

The Boys Town Education Center’s recognition with the 2023 Award of Excellence from ACI Nebraska is a testament to its outstanding use of concrete and its commitment to providing exceptional educational opportunities. This achievement sets a new standard for concrete projects in the state and beyond.