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A message from Father Boes to the members of the Boys Town Class of 2023.

Congratulations to Our Boys Town Class of 2023! Soon, all of you will become high school graduates, walking across the stage, dressed in blue caps and gowns, shaking hands with Boys Town leaders and receiving your high school diplomas. For many of you, this is a day that you might never have thought possible, but your arrival at Boys Town changed all that.

From your first day, you have been on a path to a brighter future and as this journey ends, another is about to begin. Some of you may step into the workforce, continue your education, serve in the military or even return home. Regardless of where your new journey leads you, you will never be alone. Everything you learned at Boys Town will go with you, along with the love, encouragement, support and resources that Boys Town offers to our former youth.

You also will go into the world with the relationships you have forged with your fellow graduates, your Family-Teachers, schoolteachers and counselors, and those who have had a role in helping you to grow and thrive, becoming the person you are today. Always remember that wherever your path may take you, Boys Town will always be a like second home for you. As a member of the Boys Town Alumni Association®, we will help you to maintain those ties in the years ahead.

You are now joining the thousands of young men and women who launched their futures from Boys Town. While all of you arrived here from various places and circumstances with shared stories of brokenness and despair, you can now proudly walk on the path of healing and hope. Each of you will make your own unique mark on the world, using the skills, qualities and talents you acquired and enhanced during your years as a citizen of the Village of Boys Town.

Not every step of the way will be smooth. Life is filled with stumbles, start overs, and tough challenges. You, however, can go forward knowing that the people who are closest to you have faith in you and will always be there to help. That is the lasting and transformative gift that has been happening at Boys Town for more than 100 years.

We passionately believe in the life-changing work that happens here at Boys Town every day. You are proof positive that it works and why, thanks to the generous support we receive, the Boys Town mission continually moves forward.

We will keep all of you in our thoughts and prayers and ask that you remember all our kids in yours.