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Road Trip like a Rock Star!

July 31st, 2015     By Cicely Faulkner Truitt, Boys Town Training Consultant

Family, Parenting Skills

This article was originally published on on June 29th, 2015

It is summertime and fun in the sun awaits! If you are anything like me, you have been planning a trip for months. If the dread of having your children travel with you is putting a damper on your summertime shine; perhaps, it’s time that you attempt to travel like a rock star!

Get your entourage: Rock stars rarely travel alone and if you are a single mom to an only child you might want to consider picking up a tiny (pun intended) entourage to ride with. Your child’s cousins or other family friends can take the pressure off of you to entertain while driving. Two kids can talk and giggle with one another for hours about any ol’ random thing. If you get lucky you can grab another single mom gal-pal to ride with you and add to your personal rock star ambiance as well.  Pros: You have sister-girlfriend time, your children learn to entertain themselves and you might be able to split the cost.  Cons: Make sure you know the kid you’re toting or you might be adding more stress to your travel plans.

Late nights, early mornings: Let your kids stay up late the night before you leave. I know it sounds crazy, but hear me out. If your children are at an age where you believe they can handle it (this part is crucial, you don’t want a crabby toddler), allow them to rock out, as late as they want in their rooms the night before you travel. Wake up early the next morning and get them into the car in comfy clothes or PJ’s with travel pillows and blankets. They will be able to sleep off the ruckus from the night before and you will be able to travel in peace. Tip: Make sure your first full day at your travel location is fun, action packed, starts and ends early to ensure that they make it back to a normal sleep schedule.

Lose it: Figuratively speaking, of course. Vacation calls for you to let go and let loose, losing yourself in the moment! Have fun with your children and family. Late night pillow fights in the hotel? Count mom in! Ice cream in the hotel for breakfast? Don’t mind if I do! Kids are in charge of parents for the day? Yep, sounds legit! Whatever you do be sure to allow a break from your day to day grind and have some wacky fun with your kids, giving you plenty of stories to giggle about the entire ride home.  Pros: You give your children fun memories of that time mommy started dancing like a crazy woman in the middle of the street.  Cons: Your kids will forever remember that time when mommy danced like a crazy woman in the middle of the street.


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