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Kids Don’t Come with Instructions, but Our Classes Can Help!

September 21, 2021     By Boys Town Contributor

Family, Healing Families, Parent-Child Relationships, Today's Family

​One truth about parenting should be very clear. Parents don't always have all the answers! After all, children don't come with instruction booklets.

Being a parent is one of the richest and most satisfying experiences you will ever know. Nothing we do as humans is more important than nurturing and teaching children from infancy to adulthood, preparing them not only for what tomorrow holds but also for what life will bring many years from now.

Of course, some parts of parenting aren't so much fun: the times when you have to wipe runny noses, roust grouchy kids out of bed to get ready for school, , or deal with arguing, complaining and nasty moods.

We advise parents to make the best of the good times, learn from and improve on the bad times and never forget that parenting is a lifelong journey of many steps. What really matters are the bonds you create, the relationships and values that define your family and what you pass on to your children that can be carried on for generations to come.

All parents can use some help and advice with their kids. Parenting isn't always easy; we know that. That's why we developed Common Sense Parenting®. At Boys Town, we have served tens of thousands of troubled and abandoned children since our founding in 1917. What we have learned about children, parents and family life has been distilled into our Common Sense Parenting program and shared with parent trainers and thousands of parents across the United States and in many other countries since 1989.

What Common Sense Parenting Can Do for You

What makes Common Sense Parenting work? We emphasize two things: the “head" and the “heart." The “head" means using a logical, practical method of teaching your children; in other words, using teaching and skills to change your kids' behavior. The “heart" means having unconditional love for your children, even in situations where you and your child might be frustrated or upset. Both components are necessary for success. So in addition to teaching skills to improve your child's behavior, we show you how to work on improving your relationship with your child as well. Put both together and you have a powerful combination.

Common Sense Parenting offers you a blueprint for parenting that has been effective with families just like yours. So whether you are a parent who just wants to “brush up" on your parenting skills, an excited “rookie" with your first child, or an exasperated parent with rebellious or difficult children, Common Sense Parenting can help you. See our online class schedule.​

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