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Have you caught coronavirus panic? Stop your stress and mentally reset!

March 10th, 2020     By Boys Town Contributor

Anxiety, Mental Health, Self-Calming Tools, Stress

​​​The stock market is gyrating. Schools are closing. A virus is spreading. Thousands are self-quarantining. And any public sniffle or sneeze is getting a suspicious side-eye.

There is so much hype and hysteria on social media and network news, it's understandable if you're feeling uneasy. But don't let the latest “breaking news" make you or your family sick with thoughts of impending doom and despair. Take a deep breath and “wash your hands" of all unnecessary stress and anxiety. 

Our professional counselors have gathered 11 of their favorite stress-busting, attitude-adjusting apps and online tools. Each one is like washing your hands, but for the mind. Use them to get relief from your fears and worries, and improve your mental health. Be sure to share them with your kids, too! All are free, and they'll leave you and your family feeling better, stronger, healthier and happier.  

My Life My Voice Mobile App
Animated emoticons help users identify their moods and track their feelings. Plenty of life tips will put more pep in their step, too.

99 Coping Skills
Surefire self-help strategies for managing anxiety, depression, fear and resentment.

Brain Dump
Achieve a happier headspace by shaking free of negative thoughts.

Scream Into the Void
A safe space to confidentially and without any consequences rage at heartbreak, hurt and betrayal. When the shouting's done, there's instant relief.

The Quiet Place
Who knew the spacebar could be so soothing? Restores a sense of calm in seconds.

This Is Sand
When you can't get to a sun-soaked beach to chill and relax, this game delivers a similar sense of serenity.

Mandala Maker
Kids find their inner artist and ease their worries by creating funky abstract and geometric designs.

Fun Distractions
De-stress with silly games and just-for-fun personality quizzes.

Yoga on YouTube
When the body feels better, so does the mind. Get recharged and find your center. Namaste!

A space where kids can create awesome, mind-blowing digital art.

Take a Deep Breath
An easy-to-follow breathing exercise calms the nerves, lowers the heart rate and relaxes the body.​

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