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Your Daily Dose: Communication is Key

March 24, 2020     By Daily Dose

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Like anything else, family relationships must be tended to and nurtured if you want to keep them happy and healthy. The strongest connections aren't forged from a single moment or event, but through the small, everyday interactions you have with your children. So make the most of them!

Keep communicating…

Get started today with these 12 awesome conversation starters. Six are perfect for starting the day, and six will set the table for fun, insightful dinnertime discussions.    

Hold Family Meetings...

Forging stronger and more trusting relationships with your children will make it so much easier to withstand whatever challenges come your family's way today and in the months and years ahead. A way to build this deeper bond is to have meaningful communication where feelings, thoughts, fears and ideas can be shared freely. One of the best ways to do that is through family meetings.

Family meetings can be done daily or weekly, in an environment that's upbeat and involves some fun. Remember, this isn't a staff meeting at work… it's you and your kids! To understand why you need family meetings, how to run them and everything else you need to know, read this quick article.

Today's positive mental health activity: Take a break from the news and practice one or more of these coping skills. They'll help you get back to your happy place!

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