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Messages of Gratitude From Boys Town Students

Thanks to your generosity and compassion, children who have suffered from abuse, addiction, abandonment or violence are getting a second chance. Because of you, they can now reach their full potential. Some former Boys Town students wanted to share their messages of gratitude for helping change and save their lives.


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Sommer: Boys Town runs off of donations and without the donations, there aren't going to be these success stories.

Colbi: Your donations and your care and your support absolutely make a difference, like, I would not be sitting here as a teacher back at Boys Town if it wasn't for their generous donations.

Dominic: To all the donors, I just want to say thank you for everything you've done for us. Boys Town is a great place because of you all. Thank you for the donations and have a good life.

Elias: Coming from your heart and giving your time to do that for us, I mean, it’s just awesome.

Chantel: I would say to the donors that they change lives, whether they think so or not. One donor and one person creates all this. They're kind of like those unseen angels of Boy's Town. And they help us so much.

Aaron: We honestly can't thank you enough if you do support us, because people still do look at us kind of as juvenile kids, or convicts, or something like that, where in reality we're just people that are just trying to get our stuff together and fix ourselves.