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​​​​Giving Thanks


When You Donate to Boys Town

Your donation to Boys Town makes a huge difference in the lives of at-risk kids and families all across America. Watch the video below to see where your donation goes… and whom it helps.


Additional words of thanks from kids at Boys Town

I am very grateful for the opportunity ​to be here at Boys Town. When I first got here, I wanted to go home right away. I told myself I would never change. I am grateful for what God has done for me. He put me here to save my life. Without Boys Town, I don't know where I would be. Now I am here to make a difference and I tell myself I am a changing person and God did this for me. I am grateful for Boys Town
- Dorothy

I am grateful for the home I have here, for the electricity and the heat. I have a home with a bed and a TV. Most people don't have that. A home offers a place of pride and a sense of feeling safe. A home is not a given. It's a gift. I am thankful for the gift God has given me with this home.
- Laquinta

Those who know me will say it's kind of hard to believe that I am grateful for being given a second chance at Boys Town. I am also grateful for your teaching me to become a better person. I am even grateful for your helping me have a better future. Thank you Boys Town. I never thought this would happen.
- Jaquan

One big thing I am grateful for is this. I am beyond grateful to be a senior. I am so excited to be a senior. If Boys Town wouldn't have happened, I would have been destroyed from the inside out because of the choices I was making. Sometimes the wrong choices can bring us to the right places. I am thankful that happened to me. I am deeply grateful.
- Cindy