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​​​​Annie's Story

After the death of her father, Annie ran wild, becoming increasingly rebellious with each passing year. At her wit's end, Annie's mother eventually sent her to Boys Town. After struggling initially, Annie ​flourished in her new environment,​ excelling both academically and athletically, eventually going on to become mayor and homecoming queen.


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Annie's Mom: My husband was the town barber. So he knew everyone and everyone knew him. Both girls were close to their Dad and he loved taking them shopping on Monday's. My husband was sick for a couple of years and we just didn't know exactly what was wrong. He was diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer.

Annie: Yeah my Dad was more the control and so when my Dad died my Mom just like shut down like and then I would just... like it was my fault because I would just take advantage of her.

Annie's Mom: Annie is a type of individual that when she wants something or sets her mind on getting something, she will go to great measures to get that. We'd had issues, behavioral issues such as strong willed and noncompliance and not following rules. If I didn't get help soon the rebelliousness and the trying to go against the rules would get us into deeper trouble in and particularly Annie. Had we not chosen Boys Town at the time that we did, I feel that we were headed down the wrong path.

Annie: Since I've been at Boys Town, my Mom and I, we get along better. We don't have arguments that burst into like big flares of you just getting really upset. Now we're able to calmly walk through different situations or different struggles that may come up.

Annie's Mom: They've given her opportunities to excel and with excelling she has come to be more confident in her own self.

Announcer: The Mayor of Boys Town is Annie (inaudible 00:02:19)

Annie's Mom: I think that is shown through the National Honors Society, through her grade point average, through being Mayor of Boys Town and through being elected Homecoming Queen. You know she's had opportunities that have continually built her up and I think that was so important to her. She just loves doing every sport and I think it's given her the opportunity to be a leader in those sports teams.

Annie: Boys Town has helped me develop confidence as a team captain, as a leader on the team.

Annie's Mom: What Boys Town has given Annie the most is a sense of well-being, a sense of confidence and of knowing what it is in life that she wants. That she can succeed at what she sets her mind to.

Annie: I wanted to change and make things better for myself and now, seeing how warm and how successful I am, I'm so happy that I changed.

Annie's Mom: I can't thank Boys Town enough. They've given me back my daughter.