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​As a young boy at Boys Town, Pat looked up to his older roommate, imitating just about everything he did. His roommate’s simple act of kindness one Christmas (which happened to include an original Reggie Jackson rookie card) gave him the motivation. Pat went on to become the first in his family to graduate college and earn a master’s degree.​


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​My roommate was 17 and I was 8 years old and he was from New Jersey and he had a Reggie Jackson Rookie Card that sat up on his bulletin board. And every day when he got up in the morning before he left for school he'd touch it. And being an 8 year old and he was a great athlete and I looked up to him. I wanted to do everything he did. So, I touched that Reggie Jackson card. Oh, that was the wrong thing to do. So, what I found out was that Reggie Jackson card was the last thing his father gave him before he walked out of his life. His senior year at Christmas after everybody got their gifts, I get a box from him and in there was a Reggie Jackson card. Excuse me. And he said this got me through, this will get you through too and he left it for me. Still have that card.​​​