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​​Boys Town graduate Annie is thriving at work and in life in Kansas City. She is putting the tips and tools she learned at Boys Town to work everyday in her career. Annie also credits Boys Town for helping her learn how to embrace her strengths, set goals and do the right thing — even when no one else is watching.​​


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​​Annie graduated from Boys Town in 2014. Let’s see what she’s up to today.

​​Annie: a lot of people say you realize your strengths and weaknesses in your first job. And I've actually been able to take my rather controlling type of personality and I use it for good.

​​Annie: Right now I live in Kansas City, Missouri and I work downtown at a marketing firm called Novella Brand House. I love my job.

​​Elizabeth: I think that whenever you hire somebody, you'd always hire them for a particular position. And when they take the initiative to not only grow that role but also add more to the team and to what we provide to our clients it's always a win-win for everybody.

​​Annie: I'm a definitely much more changed person. Your true reality or your true self is what you do behind closed doors. That's what integrity is. I try to hold myself to that because that's what people don't see and that defines your character.

Boys Town also taught me how to have goals for myself. So even today I know what some of the goals that I want in life and a lot of that came from having to work through it at Boys Town and knowing my true potential.

​​Annie: top goal like ultimately in life I wanna be a CEO of a company.

​​Pat: I'm very proud and I'm so thankful to Boys Town because I know that without the experience here, it would not turn out in such a positive way.

​Boys Town is very unique. I don't think there's a lot of programs in the country like it. And it needs to keep going, it needs to be there for kids.