Hope, Help and a Bright Future for Washington, DC Family

Julie needed help.

A difficult pregnancy caused her to lose her job of 12 years. When her mother fell ill and tragically passed away, Julie and her infant son, Christopher, lost the home the three of them had shared.  Without any other options, they moved into a one-bedroom apartment with her sister. Determined to improve their lives, Julie enrolled in classes to become a medical assistant. 

“I was working and going to school, but I wasn't making enough to afford a place to live in DC," Julie said. “I finished the Medical Assistant program and worked in a doctor's office. Then I started night school taking cosmetology classes after work."

While Julie burned the candle at both ends doing her best to provide for she and Christopher, he was having trouble at school. 

“He was having issues with behavior and attendance in first grade," she said. “One of the advisors at his school referred us to Boys Town Washington DC's Care Coordination Services."

Through this initial service, the family was also connected with a Boys Town therapist for support with her son's behavioral and speech issues. The cross-departmental team effort was so seamless and cohesive that when the school initiated an IEP process, both her Care Coordination provider and her son's Behavioral Health therapist attended the IEP meeting with her at his elementary school. 

“I was so grateful for that," Julie said. “For the whole team to show up, it showed the school that he had a solid support system. The events and activities that my son took part in with Boys Town also helped him to become less reserved. He was very shy, and the summer camp helped him open up."

When Julie received word that she had been selected for a housing program that would allow she and her son to gain a home of their own after eight years, Boys Town helped them furnish it. Christopher, now in the fourth grade, is planning an illustrious career as an educator. Julie was so moved by the impact Boys Town services had on her family that she is now a volunteer. 

“It means a lot to me," she said. “I don't know if I can ever give back as much as they have given to me, but I am going to keep trying!"

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