Boys Town Washington DC Model of Care Helps Youth Find His Way

Helping a child find his way is what Boys Town does for youth.

It is not always an easy path, but thanks to Boys Town's research proven Model of Care, children like Bradley Morgan get a second chance and can even graduate from Middle School through trying times.

Bradley came to Boys Town Washington DC back in June of 2020. He was referred by Child and Family Services because of school and medical neglect. He showed verbal and physical aggression toward adults and peers. He struggled with school behaviors and attendance and displayed signs of depression, withdrawal, and anger control.

After being placed in a Boys Town Family Home, staff immediately went to work changing Bradley's outlook and how his negative actions were given consequences, yet also rewarding his positive responses.

Bradley's Family-Teachers® worked with him around the clock, using positive reinforcement to catch him being good, rather than only looking for his negative behaviors. The Boys Town Model of Care found activities that helped Bradley feel good about himself. And, patiently worked with him when he became frustrated and fell back into old negative habits.

Meanwhile, “On the Way" Consultant Dale Sellers went to work helping Bradley's mother prepare for the two to be reunited when he transitioned back home. Sellers provided weekly parenting sessions using Boys Town's Common Sense Parenting® material to help prepare Ms. Morgan to successfully work through problems and challenges with Bradley.

The process was long, but the results were positive.

Bradley showed fantastic behavioral growth and left Boys Town Washington DC and transitioned home in March of this year. He continued that success at home and graduated from Friendship Public Charter Middle School in June.

There are still minor incidents, but thanks to Boys Town's efforts with Bradley, and Ms. Morgan's advancements with her parenting classes, the two have found middle ground.

Bradley has established self-empowering statements to himself through sports and reading words or affirmation to redirect his outbursts. Meanwhile, Ms. Morgan reinforces Bradley's positive actions, while also finding ways to give consequences, when necessary.radley is excited about starting his first summer job and is looking forward to attending High School this fall.​