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Combining over 100 years of experience at the national level with extensive program evaluation, research and 30 years in Washington DC, Boys Town offers life-changing services to help approximately 6,000 families and heal more than 3,000 children every year with the following services:

  • A lifeline for children suffering from behavior and mental health issues through our Behavior Health Clinic.
  • Modeling positive parent-child interactions through parenting training and Common Sense Parenting®.
  • Community resource connections and parenting skills to support and empower parents and caregivers with children struggling with mental health problems through Care Coordination Services.
  • Administrative intervention for students utilizing a behavioral approach to promote learning through School Support Services

Our trained Boys Town Family Consultants work out in the community, at select schools and in the homes of families to help parents and caregivers get on a positive path to creating a healthy home environment to raise their children. 

Boys Town has a long history of serving as an excellent steward of our donor support. Charity Navigator , one of the nation's largest and most-respected charity rating systems, has awarded Boys Town its highest rating for the sound management of its finances.   We are very strongly positioned to continue to save children and heal families in Washington DC.​