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Ways to Work Helps Families With Transportation and Credit Challenges

​​This article is written by Debroah (Van Fleet) Newcombe. It was posted on on November 17, 2017.​

Ways to Work is a nationwide program designed to help people with credit challenges become more financially stable with small, low-interest loans. 

Virginia Ayers, Program Coordinator for Ways to Work-Boys Town, says in the Omaha-Council Bluffs area, the program is co-administered by Boys Town and Heartland Family Service. 

Ayers says the majority of their applicants need the loan money to purchase a car.  She says the program's lender is Pinnacle Bank, and the loan maximum is $8000 at 6% interest.   

"And when they find a car that is good on gas, low on repair costs, hasn't been in any accidents, not a salvage title, then we can move forward to have the vehicle inspected. So, I have the vehicles fully inspected; I do the research on-line to find out if it's a good vehicle, and if it is good, then we move forward with setting up a close with Pinnacle Bank."  

Ayers says being able to buy a car often enables people to move forward in their careers or accept a better job.

She says to qualify, applicants have to have meet certain income guidelines, have worked at least 20 hours a week for 6 months, have dependent children at home and have challenged credit. She says they also have to participate in a financial literacy class covering topics like budgeting and credit management.

For more information on Ways to Work-Boys Town, the number is 866-213-4239.​