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Boys Town Helps Family Rebound, Rebond

Sometimes life throws more challenges and obstacles at a family than the parents and kids can handle.

That was the situation a mom, a stepdad and their teenage daughter faced when mental health issues and the teen's out-of-control behaviors threatened to unravel their home.

Fortunately, a referral to Boys Town Nebraska from the daughter's high school, Omaha South, put the family on a positive path to recovery. (Omaha South partners with LIFT Together with Boys TownSM, a community-based initiative that offers comprehensive family- and school-based programs to generate community-wide impact.)

A Boys Town Family Consultant began working with the family in their home, first addressing the daughter's behavioral issues: verbal aggression; negative interactions with adults and classmates, school absences, low grades, depression, substance use and running away from home. As part of the intervention, the teen got a part-time job and began using Omaha South's positive intervention classroom (PIC). In this program, students who have been suspended can work with staff members to make up school assignments, stay current with homework and prepare to return to the classroom once the suspension is over.

The Family Consultant then helped arrange mental health services for mom and her daughter. Mom and the stepdad also completed Boys Town's six-week Common Sense Parenting® class, where they were able to build on their parenting strengths and learn new skills.  

When the Family Consultant started working with the family, the mom was desperate for help because she felt she had lost complete control over her daughter. In addition, mom's self-esteem was very low. At the end of the program, mom was able to set expectations for her daughter's behavior and give consequences to reinforce positive behaviors and correct negative behaviors. They both learned how to stay calm when talking about issues, and then work together to resolve them. All of these changes have helped the daughter be more respectful of her parents and have enabled mom and stepdad to become more confident in their parenting.

Every family has its tough times. Boys Town Nebraska is always there to help.​