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Boys Town Awarded Grant from FNBO

Kroc Center

Vulnerable families enjoy greater access to educational opportunities and have more flexibility thanks to FNBO's generous grant supporting the LIFT Together with Boys TownSM program.

The $9,410 Workforce Stability Grant allowed Boys Town education specialists to provide training and resources to staff at the Salvation Army Kroc Community Center in South Omaha.
The ongoing pandemic has disproportionately affected South Omaha families. In Douglas County, for example, Hispanics account for more than 30 percent of COVID-19 infections with most of the positive cases concentrated in the zip codes where these families live.

Many before- and after-school programs remain suspended and the pandemic has forced schools to adopt a hybrid schedule of in-person and online learning. As a result, many parents have had to either drop out of the workforce or leave their children unsupervised because they cannot work from home or access child care programs.
LIFT Together and the Salvation Army KROC Center will provide supervision and educational opportunities on remote-learning days for students from a dozen elementary schools at the newly established KROC Academy. By providing a safe place for children to gather and learn, parents will be able to return to the workforce and regain their financial footing.

Boys Town education experts conducted a Well-Managed Schools workshop for KROC Center staff on November 12. The workshop touched on all the key components of the Boys Town Education Model®. This school-based intervention strategy emphasizes positive behavior support, relationship-building techniques and social skills instruction. By learning components of the Model, staff will be able to encourage, correct and reinforce youth in the same way their classroom teachers do. This will build consistency and establish uniform expectations for students when they are learning remotely and in person.

Along with the training, Boys Town also will provide books, posters and downloadable activities to help students learn social and study skills. These resources will empower students to become better problem-solvers, manage their stress and build their self-esteem.​

While the fallout from the pandemic continues to be severe, especially in communities of color, Boys Town and its LIFT Together partners in South Omaha are working hard to bring more stability and normalcy to the lives of those most at risk.​