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Boys Town Receives Mask Donation from National Service Cooperative

Mask Donation

Recently, Boys Town received 5,000 N95 masks from a generous donation by the National Service Cooperative and AllPoints Foodservice Parts & Supplies.

Shari Smith, Vice President and General Manager of National Service Cooperative, saw a website post that Stacy Romero, Executive Administrative Assistant for Youth Care at Boys Town, posted last year asking for masks.

AllPoints Foodservice Parts & Supplies had N95 masks to share and asked Shari to find a charity to donate them to. Shari remembered seeing the website post from Stacy and reached out to her. After Shari and Stacy talked about the many direct care programs at Boys Town, Shari offered to give the entire donation of masks to Boys Town.

On January 21, Shari Smith, Robert Smith, Director of Business Development at National Service Cooperative, Patrick Duffy, President of National Service Cooperative, and Patrick's wife, Kristy, came to Boys Town to donate the 5,000 masks. Girls from the Skartvedt home on Boys Town's Home Campus met with Shari, Robert, Patrick, and Kristy to accept the donation.

Boys Town is very appreciative of the National Service Cooperative and AllPoints Foodservice Parts & Supplies for their donation. These masks will help ensure that staff and youth at Boys Town stay safe!