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Nick and Karen’s Story: An Update

March 10th, 2015     By Karen, Guest Blogger

Family, Teens, Today's Family

This post is an update to the story we first brought to you about Karen and her son Nick

Today, as I sit here writing, we are celebrating Nick’s 20th birthday. It’s hard for me to believe that he’s turned 20 years old. I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. I’ve learned a lot over these 20 years thanks to the boy that I call my “Sonshine.” Nothing could have prepared me for the journey of motherhood that I embarked on 20 years ago. Today, we are 2 years post Boys Town graduation and I still remain eternally grateful to them for what they’ve taught Nick, my 3 other children and myself.

I’m often congratulated by people who are familiar with our Boys Town story. I always have to remind everyone that while I certainly consider ours to be a success story, it’s also one of discovering what life is like with a “normal” child who has completed the Boys Town program. We have our struggles, our disagreements and outright arguments about everyday things that go on in every family. Nick has struggled to figure out what he wants to do with his life. He’s been in college, then out of college. He considered a trade and changed his mind about that. He’s also needed considerable help managing his money. Frankly, he’s a financial disaster! At times, he’s refused my help and then has come crawling back to me for guidance in relationships and in life decisions. He still lives at home and has very little idea of what it costs to run a household. I’m happy to say that, as of this moment, he wants to go back college and return to Boys Town to work as an Assistant Family-Teacher next year.

While we continue to work on where he’s going and how he’s going to get there, I am reminded that had we not been involved in Boys Town’s program, these everyday disputes would not be a source of family bonding. They could very well tear us apart. My point with all of this is that we still have Boys Town to thank for teaching us how to navigate our way through these times. We possess the skills needed to communicate and respectfully disagree about life’s bigger issues. Nick is emotionally mature and in charge of his feelings. He can make his point effectively while maintaining composure and respect. He’s taking steps to have a life of his own one day. A person can look at our story and think that we are exceptional, but what I like to focus on is that fact that we’ve been given the tools to be a normal family with everyday problems that we are able to work through and face with love and trust.

Happy Birthday to my Sonshine! I celebrate where he’s been and where he’s going! I will always be here for him no matter what!

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