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CSP Expert

Common Sense Parenting Expert Shares Tips and Tricks

April 27, 2020     By Daily Dose

Boys Town Model, Coronavirus COVID-19, Mental Health, Parenting, Parenting Resources, Parenting Skills, Stress

It's been weeks now that parents and kids have been at home together, and it's likely things have grown a bit stale and tense. That's why now is a good time for a booster shot on some parenting skills and tips for how to keep things moving in a positive, upbeat direction in your home. Watch this video conversation with Bridget Barnes, Boys Town Common Sense Parenting® Director and parenting expert, who provides valuable insights and easy-to-use suggestions about how to talk to your kids so they listen better, keep conversations positive and more. Also, we talk about our favorite parts of staying home with our families. And we'd love to hear about what you've enjoyed about having your family together too! Visit our Parenting Facebook page share your positive experiences; not only does this help you to focus on the positive but it's also fun and valuable for other parents to hear.    

ALSO, we invite you to join our Common Sense Parenting group on social media to keep The Daily Dose conversations flowing now and into the future.

Positive Mental Health Tip: Know your values

When crises happen, it's a natural time for people to reflect on their lives and the things they really value. You might be asking yourself questions like: What do I believe in? What do I feel is important in my life? How do I discover what is worth taking a risk for? What is my personal life mission? We know these are weighty questions and you might not have all the answers right now. This free download can help you think about and decide on the principles you want to use to live your life.

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