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A Season of Thanks for an Abundance of Blessings

November 26, 2019     By Father Steven E. Boes President and National Executive Director, Boys Town

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When our boys and girls bow their heads at the dinner table for grace this Thanksgiving at Boys Town, they will have so much more to be thankful for than just the roast turkey, dressing and pumpkin pie they're about to enjoy.

Andre is thankful he no longer has to take many different medications every day to control his behavior because he's learning more positive ways to do that.

Brittany is thankful her dream of becoming a doctor is alive because she is receiving a quality education that will prepare her for the demands of college.

Robert is thankful he is in a safe place, where he won't be beaten or locked in his room like he was before coming to Boys Town.

The kids in our care aren't the only ones who are thankful for the wonderful things that have happened in their lives.

Across the country, thousands of families that were in danger of falling apart or having a child removed from the home are celebrating this special holiday – together. With the help of Boys Town's Family Services, these families learned how to create a safe, nurturing home for their children, tap into community resources for much-needed support and solve problems before they became a crisis.

Their gratitude comes from knowing that Boys Town was there, working right beside them in their homes to keep their families together and build a brighter future.     

In this wonderful time of Thanksgiving, which also marks the start of the joyous Christmas season, every one of the boys and girls and families we're helping also understands that none of the healing they've experienced would be possible without the gracious generosity and unwavering support of our donors.

Our supporters' gifts and prayers lift up Boys Town every day and enable us to continue the work our founder, Father Edward J. Flanagan, started more than 100 years ago. For that, we are truly grateful.

We hope you and your family have been abundantly blessed throughout the past year. Families are the backbone of our society, and only through love, nurturance and teaching life skills can parents prepare their children to become the responsible adults who will lead our world in the future.

As you sit down for your Thanksgiving dinner, please be sure to share a prayer of gratitude with your family, and pray for the children and families who still desperately need Boys Town's help.

From our Boys Town family to yours, we wish you the happiest of Thanksgivings and the warmest wishes for a joyous holiday season.

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