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Daily Dose

Day 26: Showing Gratitude

April 23rd, 2020     By Daily Dose

Coronavirus COVID-19, Mental Health, Self-Calming Tools, Stress

​​Whether your family is celebrating Easter or rejoicing in spring’s arrival, this is a day to recognize hope and be thankful.

Given the realities of daily life now, however, having – and maintaining – hope is a challenge. But according to research, everything from more optimism and happiness to well-being and empathy can result from feeling and showing gratitude. As difficult as it may seem, there is much to appreciate…

  • the caregivers who sacrifice to keep our communities safe and healthy.
  • the loved ones and friends who bring us happiness and support.
  • the neighbors and strangers whose random acts of kindness renew our faith in humanity.
​Thank you for your serviceA few of the kids at the Boys Town campus in Omaha spent the last few days writing out Easter notes to veterans from a local VFW who they can no longer visit in person.

Kids write letters to Veterans Letters for Vets Today, do a little good for your heart and soul by remembering and thanking all those who bring more light, hope and encouragement into your family’s life.

PS… Thank you for reading our Daily Dose messages and following our social media platforms. Your interest, support and trust inspire us every day, and we appreciate your friendship. Happy Easter!

Gratitude can change your brain…

Adopting an attitude of gratitude can make you happier, more optimistic and healthier! So start counting your blessings​… you may be surprised by just how much is going right in your life.

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