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Your Daily Dose: Smooth Scheduling

March 24, 2020     By Daily Dose

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How do I explain at-home learning to my children? 

Try not to refer to school as being “closed." Instead, tell your children that for the next few weeks, they will learn at home instead of the classroom. This will help them understand that learning isn't over or ending, it's just happening in a new environment.  

Keep to a schedule. It's important to create a consistent and predictable environment for your children while they're at home. We've created a sample “daily schedule" to help your family establish a routine and have more order as home becomes school.

Help the schedule run smoothly.

  • Have a morning meeting with your kids. Take a few minutes each morning to discuss the day's schedule and answer their questions.    
  • Keep the e-learning space consistent. Yesterday, we shared with you tips on setting up e-learning workspaces. Make sure your kids use those workspaces during their study times.  
  • Give consequences, both positive and negative, each day. A consequence is the result or outcome of a behavior (positive or negative), which influences whether or not that behavior is likely to occur again in the future. Here is an example of a negative consequence: If your daughter isn't following instructions or completing her studies, set a timer. The timer will track how long it takes her to calm down and get back on task. However long it takes, 5 minutes or 45 minutes, that's the amount of time she must spend doing chores. Her misbehavior earned her this negative consequence.   

    On the flipside, if she has a good day, follows instructions and completes her studies without arguing, she can stay up an extra hour at night (a positive consequence).

    Consequences are earned and help kids realize their choices have negative and positive results. We'll share more about consequences in the coming days.
  • Today's positive mental health activity from 'Jar of Sunshine' Have the entire family work together to write positive statements – what you're grateful for, quotes, affirmations, song lyrics, Bible verses, etc. – on slips of paper and place them in the jar. Write down anything that makes you happy. Encourage everyone to take a slip out of the jar and read it whenever they're feeling down or anxious. Once read, take a deep breath and go on with the day.

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