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Daily Dose

Day 19: Making the Most of Mealtime

April 12th,2020     By Daily Dose

Coronavirus COVID-19, Mental Health, Self-Calming Tools, Stress

​Your Daily Dose: Making the Most of Mealtime​

Yesterday's Daily Dose was a recipe for making mealtime an essential staple of your family's routine. Now, see how you can nourish and strengthen everyone's emotional well-being by spicing up mealtime with splashes of humor and dashes of love.

If you didn't already know, regular family meals serve up a smorgasbord of healthy outcomes. Mealtime provides a shared experience that builds a greater sense of unity and identity among everyone gathered around the table. It's a way to add more structure into the day, which feeds a sense of security and belonging in children. And it's a moment when cherished, lifelong memories can be made.

To help your family make the most of mealtime, read our seven-day menu of fun. There are options for every taste, and every item is guaranteed to bring your family closer together and leave everyone feeling satisfied. Enjoy!    

Let your cup runneth over… Nourish the soul and soothe the spirit by spreading a little praise. Start by giving everyone in the family an empty cup. Then give small slips of paper to each person (and yourself). The challenge is to write a short sentence to each person about what you admire about them and then place the slips of paper in their cups. The cup is theirs to keep and will be a source of comfort they can “drink" from whenever they need an emotional boost. You and your family can continue to add to the cups as the years go on, too!

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