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​​​​​​​​​​​​​Sommer’s Story

​Boys ​​Town Graduate Achieves Success, Aims to Help Other Children

Sommer's biological mother ​and ​father were addicts who would ​often leave her and her siblings alone or ​with strangers when they went out looking for drugs. At one point, her father overdosed on ​heroin and slipped into a coma. Another time, he aimed a gun at her ​mother and fired, narrowly missing her. Such were the horrors of Sommer's everyday life. When Sommer first came to Boys Town, the idea​ of a safe, ​supportive family was just an abstraction. Today, Sommer is a college​ graduate with a bachelor's degree in psychology. She hopes one day to return to Boys Town to help other kids in need.


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​We're at my college graduation, and I've graduated with a bachelor's degree in psychology. I'm really excited to be done with school, and be moving into a job that I've worked so hard to get to, and working in case management is what I've wanted to do for a long time and give back to the same kind of community that helped me so much.
I do consider myself a success. I don't like saying that because it makes me feel, like, braggy or boastful, but I feel like there were so many things leading up to where I am now that I shouldn't be where I am now, I shouldn't be graduating college, I shouldn't have the opportunities that I do have. 
Boys Town played the biggest role in my success. Like, when I came to Boys Town I had a lot of things I needed to work on, and I find myself using those traits that I learned or those skills that I learned while I was at Boys Town, I use them every day.
I am getting married next April, 2017, and I have asked my family teacher to officiate our wedding. So he's going to suit up and take the challenge.
I'm never hesitant to tell people about my relationship with Boys Town. I look at Boys Town as a place that helps people and helps kids get back on their feet, and helps families to heal. I don't have any problem telling people about my association with Boys Town. I'm proud of it.

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