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Celebrate the Centennial – ​Be a Boys Town Advocate

Boys Town kids are everywhere. They are ​teachers, parents, engineers, artists. ​Given a second chance, help and healing, they have triumphed. Now, we need your help to spread the word about the ​amazing work Boys Town does ​every day — and has been doing for 100 years.

Spread the Word

We’ll supply the materials. You find fun and unique places to put them.

#BoysTown100, #FlatFlanagan Send Me Free ​Materials

Share Our Stories

At Boys Town, we believe there ​are no ​bad children — only ​those who need compassion, ​understanding and a ​second chance. Over the past 100 ​​years, Boys Town has helped millions of children and families overcome ​difficult ​situations ​and triumph. Watch some of their stories, then share them ​on social media using #BoysTown100.

See Their Stories

Boys Town’s Moments in History

You might be surprised to discover that Boys Town’s founder, Father Flanagan, was a trailblazer. He ​​set ​the pace for Boys Town’s forward thinking and inclination toward innovation, which have marked the last century and continue to drive the organization.

Help Us Write More Success Stories

What if you could help give an abused, abandoned or neglected child a second chance? If you could help a broken family heal and reunite? You can when you make a tax-deductible donation to Boys Town. Every dollar of your donation will go toward our youth and family services programs.

Donate T​​oday​​​