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 Substance abuse can destroy the lives not only of abusers but also families. Even innocent experimentation can lead to serious addiction problems.

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What Every Parent Should Know About Prescription Medication Use by Teens

The Importance of Talking to Your Kids About Addiction

These days, kids are exposed to drugs and alcohol at an even younger age, which means it’s crucial to educate them now on how to handle situations that may come up.

Battling Teen Prescription Drug Abuse

Most abused prescription drugs come from an adult’s medicine cabinet. As a parent, it's up to you to recognize the warning signs of prescription drug abuse in your teen.

Just Say "No!"

Kids are offered drugs at an alarmingly early age. That's why it is imperative that you talk to your children about the dangers of drugs while they're still young.

Sex, Drugs and Teens

If you're dealing with a teen who's become involved in drugs, drinking, and sexual activity, then you need to let them know you’re going to take action to correct the bahavior.

Is There a ‘Magic Age’ When I Should Talk to My Kids About Sex?

Because of social media, children are exposed to sex, bullying, and other serious topics at an early age. As a parent, it’s important to beat them to the punch.

What’s an Appropriate Consequence for My 16-Year-Old Smoking Marijuana?

We are an upper-middle class blended family and he is our youngest child. I think he has smoked marijuana occasionally over the past several months, despite our telling the family not to do it.

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