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Are You Raising a Wise Teen?6513​We hear a lot about teens being "book smart" or "street smart."But how often do you hear about teenagers being "wise&quot...11/15/2019 8:55:09 PMJune 14th, 2018     By Father Steven Boes, President and National Executive Director, Boys Town Boys Town Model, Father Boes, Healthy Relationships, Parent-Child 962
Stop Self-Harm. Resources for Parents and Teens.6780Self-harm often occurs for the first time at the transition between childhood to adolescence. Understand the reasons why kids self-harm and access resources for parents and children.11/15/2019 7:21:21 PMAnxiety, Coping Skills, Coping Skills for Teens, Depressed, Harmful Behaviors, Mental Health, Self-Injury, Understanding Behavior The idea that a child would engage in self-harm is 3714
Back to School - 10 Days of Activities713510 days of 10 activities to get you readyLooking to cure those back-to-school blues? Use the “10 Days of Action” to get your kids energized and equ...7/30/2020 7:00:18 PMLooking to cure those back-to-school blues This year, more than ever, it’s important to get kids excited about learning For many, there is still a lot of uncertainty around 3374
Social Media Driver’s License7402Many parents feel overwhelmed and ill-equipped to effectively parent to their kids about social media. Parents are unsure of what limits to set and what to tell their kids about the downsides and dangers of misusing social media.8/24/2018 7:51:15 PMKristen Galloway, PhD, LP, BCBA Psychologist Do you feel overwhelmed when you think about parenting social media Do you know where to start What sites are more kid-friendly or how 1324
Nourishing Your Teen Goes Beyond Just Putting Plenty of Food on the Table6674It’s in our family-style residences that our youth receive the care and guidance they need from trained couples called Family-Teachers®. Other kids receive the same high-quality care in Family Homes at several of our affiliate sites around the country.11/15/2019 8:46:03 PMSeptember 19, 2018     By Father Steven Boes, President and National Executive Director, Boys Town At The Table, Father Boes, Parenting Skills, Social Skills 1172
When You Suspect Your Child Is Thinking about Suicide7412Suicide is the third leading cause of death for people 15-24 years old. It’s an issue that, as a parent, you can't ignore.9/23/2019 1:51:22 PMSuicide is the third leading cause of death for people 15-24 years old It's an issue that, as a parent, you can't ignore There is no sure-fire way to detect suicidal thoughts in a 454
Communicating with Kids Series – How Do I Develop a Relationship with my Child Who Has Behavioral Issues or Who Has Trouble6609In the sixth part of the Communicating with Kids Series, Boys Town experts share suggestions for how parents can develop and build relationships with children who have behavioral issues which might prevent them from communicating.2/12/2020 8:58:07 PMChild Development, Communicating with Children, Communicating with Kids, Connecting with Kids, Connecting with Teens, Parent-Child Relationships Each month we pose a specific 814
10 Signs Your Relationship Might Be Unhealthy7114The following signs are red flags that your relationship is not healthy for you and it may be time to reevaluate the relationship all together.4/30/2018 1:58:18 PMIf you answered “Yes” to some of the questions, then you may be in an unhealthy relationship Start taking steps toward identifying how to build healthy relationships, and visit 1610
What to Do if Your Quaran Teenager Leaves Home Without Permission88984/24/2020 2:53:50 PMLife has likely drastically changed for you and your teenager as a result of the coronavirus pandemic School has moved to online and virtual platforms, proms, sports and 1977
How To Track Your Teen’s School Progress3750997/8/2020 5:56:00 PMIdentify important school staff you should meet Introduce yourself Project an attitude of cooperation Determine how often you should contact school staff Make a plan for 137