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 Most kids misbehave sometimes. Some children, however, exhibit more extreme behaviors that require additional attention or correction.

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What Every Parent Should Know About Prescription Medication Use by Teens

How to Stop Constant Bickering Between Brothers

I am wondering how to stop the constant bickering between an 11-year-old and his 12-1/2-year-old brother. It’s getting ridiculous, the things they bicker about.

Single Mom with a Mentally Ill Daughter and a Son Who Has Become Dangerous

I am a single mom with a mentally ill daughter and a son who has such deep-seated anger that he has become dangerous.

Two Teenage Boys Messing Around with Drugs

I have two teenage boys, ages 15 and 17. Both are messing around with all kinds of drugs and have been kicked out of high schools for selling drugs. They won't go to school. They skip all the time.

What’s in a Label? Moving Beyond Behavior Labels

We’re quick to label children exhibiting challenging behaviors. These labels may be correct in describing our perceptions, but they are rarely accurate assessments of the child.

Myths About ADHD

The fact that attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, is classified as a medical disorder doesn't stop a myriad of myths about it from circulating throughout our culture.

How Do I Know If My Child Should Be Tested for a Behavioral Disorder?

When it comes to behavioral disorders and children, we usually find out about them because children go to school and they don't behave like all the other children.

My Child has a Behavioral Disorder. How Can Help Him/Her at School?

Behavior modification is one thing that parents may need to use to help children become more successful in school, regardless of whether a child is on medication.

My Teen Believes He is a Grown-Up and Argues with us Continuously

My child is suffering from depression, lack of discipline, and is not willing to do his work. We are a good two parent family.

Out-of-Control, Bipolar Pre-Teen

I’ve tried rewards and consequences for his behavior. He sees a psychiatrist and counselor regularly, but he only seems to be getting more out of control every day. How can I help him?

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