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An Inside Look at Boys Town

​​​At Boys Town, part​ of giving youth a second chance is exposing them to new opportunities. Whether it’s presenting them with opportunities in education and activities, giving them their ​first happy Christmas, or teaching them how faith can help them heal, we strive to give Boys Town Kids the fulfilling lives they deserve. Watch the videos below for a glimpse into the magic that happens on ​​a Boys Town campus.

  • Boys Town’s Camp Okoboji

    Camp Okoboji

  • Connected Care

    When trying to change behavior, consistency is key. Through services in some of our communities, Boys Town is providing connected care for schools and families, creating consistency, a common language and ultimately changed behaviors.

    Connected Care

  • Giving Back

    It’s been documented that people who serve other people, it just betters their heart in just amazing ways. So, we put that into our curriculum for the students to be able to serve others in lots of different capacities.

    Giving Back

  • Boys Town Changed Me

    The children and families Boys Town has helped are the embodiment of change, second chances, and hope. For many of them, Boys Town has guided them on the path to opportunity, possibility, and success.

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  • Boys Town is...

    To the children who call Boys Town their home, it’s a place that holds many meanings.

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  • Maria

    Struggled with her teen daughter's drinking. Now, her family is back on track.

    see her story

  • Becoming a Citizen

    When at-risk youth come to Boys Town, they not only get a second chance to shine, but they also learn what it means to become a “Boys Town citizen.” For kids who’ve never truly felt a sense of belonging, this can be an emotional event. Hear what this means from the young citizens themselves.

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  • Growing Up at Boys Town

    What's it like to be the biological daughter of two Boys Town Family-Teachers? If you ask Emily, she'll tell you that it's a truly unique experience — one she'll treasure for the rest of her life. As she puts it, her parents are "changing the world every day and making it a better place." How many kids could honestly say that?

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  • At the Table

    Meals in A Boys Town Family Home are a special event. For many youth, a family dinner was something they never experience growing up. Here, they not only sit down to eat, they also help plan and prepare the meals, which teaches them skills they’ll use for the rest of their lives. Regardless of what's on the table meal time at Boys Town is always an interesting time.

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  • Competing with Character

    Teaching children how to deal with winning is almost as important as teaching them how to deal with losing. It’s also important for them to learn how to deal with injuries, performance pressure, and balancing academics and athletics. At Boys Town, we teach all of this and more under a single defining phrase: Competing with Character.

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  • Getting Involved

    Boys Town offers numerous campus activities that not only help keep kids out of trouble but also teach them valuable life skills, giving them the opportunity to become a part of something meaningful.

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  • Empowering Communities Through Education

    Education can change lives. Boys Town has recognized this truth for a century, which is why education remains one of our focal points.

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  • Experience Summer

    In many ways, summer at Boys Town is similar to summer anywhere else. Kids and families go on outings and picnics, play sports and attend camps, and do just about any other warm-weather activity you can imagine.

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  • Importance of Faith

    Father Flanagan's dream to help save lost children of all faiths was a testament to his love for his fellow human beings. That spirit still flourishes as Boys Town continues his mission of saving children and healing families, regardless of their religious background.

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  • Christmas at Boys Town

    For most children, the holidays mean spending time with family, exchanging gifts and celebrating the season. For many Boys Town youth who grew up in neighborhoods plagued by poverty, crime and substance abuse, the holidays were no different from any other time of the year.

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