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​​Boys Town California Testimonials

Hear from the children and families themselves how their lives have been ​changed by Boys Town Calif​​ornia.


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Sabrina: And I remember waking up one morning going into their bedroom. My mom was on her lounging chair and she had a needle in her arm just hanging from there. My dad had another woman on the bed. The room smelled like smoke and sweat and just straight drugs. It was just the most disgusting stuff. My mom didn't realize I was standing in the doorway, I was only six at that time, because she was so out of it. I had to call the cops because I thought at first she was dead.

Christiana: Life was bounced around to family member to family member, a lot of drugs and alcohol, abuse, neglect, sexual abuse, very dark nights.

Celina: Before I came to Boys Town, my life was a nightmare. It was constant fights with my son, school calls. It was depressing.

Alma: My life before receiving Boys Town services was very complicated. My son was having anxiety. He was depressed. He couldn't focus at school.

Sabrina: Boys Town has changed my life permanently. They pretty much picked up a piece of trash and made it into gold.

Azahel: The thing I learned from Boys Town the most was stopping the cycle. I realized my mom growing up didn't have it all together because of her parents. Growing up, I didn't have it all together because of my mom and my father. When I came into Boys Town, stopping the cycle and learning that my kids won't have to go through what I went through means the world to me.

Christiana: There's few things I remember about Boys Town. One is it's the first time I sat down at a dinner table and had dinner as a family which at first was very weird. But, as time went on, it became the norm. Family is what I took out most of this because now I have an extended family I can go back to. Even being 36, I still feel like they're all my dads, moms, cousins, and sisters and brothers.

Phillip: I want to say I learned to be a leader because when I was on campus, I became one of the youth leaders on campus and it has changed my perspective on just living my life. I successfully graduated from Boys Town with graduating high school.

Sabrina: I'm going to community college and starting my child development and then going into psychology and then planning on becoming an FT at Boys Town.

Azahel: Now, my life is amazing. I'm blessed in every way. I've got a family. I have long-term goals. I have a job. I'm going to school.

Phillip: My life is definitely progressing. It's definitely progressing due to the help that Boys Town provided. I never forget when it comes to Boys Town just being there for me.

Kaleb: Life is great for me. I work every day. I'm making a living for myself. I'm independent. I'm just doing a lot of things that a lot of 22-year-olds right now are not doing. I'm living the dream basically.

Alma: After going to parenting classes, I decided that I was going to go back to school and finish my high school so that I could work for Boys Town.

Christiana: If it wasn't for Boys Town, who knows what my life...what path I would've taken? I could be like half my family, in jail or not successful, so I'm very grateful for them.

Sabrina: I can do things myself. I can problem solve. I can conquer life, all the problems that get thrown at me.

Male: Awesome.

Celina: Hope.

Christiana: Extended family.

Sabrina: Strength.

Azahel: Trust.

Phillip: Family.

Kaleb: Helpful.

Alma: Empowerment.