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A Parent to Parent Support Program

​Is Your Child:

  • Experiencing issues with school behavior?
  • Missing class?
  • Being sent to the office?
  • Struggling academically?
  • In middle school or high school?  

Looking for the right help for your son or daughter when they are misbehaving at school can be a long, confusing and scary journey. In Boys Town’s Parent Connector program, you can speak to a peer-parent from your community who has been in your situation and can help you navigate the path to helpful services. Your Parent Connector provides support with a weekly phone call.

The Parent Connector program is for busy parents just like you:

  • Weekly phone call
  • Does not demand a lot of time
  • No meetings required
  • 3-4 months of service per semester

Our Parent Connectors understand what you are going through, and are specially trained to provide support to parents who have a child or children with emotional or behavioral problems.

This is one journey you don’t have to travel alone. Let a Boys Town Parent Connector guide you to the best care for your child.

Call 402-734-0155 today if you need help with your child’s behavior at school!

Helpline Support

Nebraska Family Helpline: The Helpline is a free resource for parents who have concerns and questions about their child's behavior. Call 888-866-8660. Bilingual counselors are available.

Contact Us

Learn more about how our services can benefit your family

You can visit our Boys Town South Omaha Community office at:
4612 South 25th Street

Or call us at:
402-734-0155 (bilingual)

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