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How to Get Your Child to Stop Whining370663/5/2020 3:29:16 PMPoint out to children that they are whining Never give children what they want when they are Health Understanding Behavior Whining Following Instructions How To Teachable Moments 1955
How to Spend Quality Time with Your Children277094/2/2020 7:32:01 PMSet aside one day a week when the whole family does something special together Plan special gatherings with grandparents and other relatives Have Family How To Teachable Moments 148
How to Promote Internet Safety in the Home22022Kids are always connected! But whether your children are on Facebook, Pinterest or whatever popular social site pops up next month, parents need to know how to keep their kids safe while online.3/27/2020 4:05:06 PMKeep your home computer in a common area Block access to inappropriate sites and filter web content Obtain passwords or “friend" your Family How To Teachable Moments Technology 137
How to Give Clear Instructions to Children36906Does getting your child to do something feel like an impossible task? One of the reasons may be the way you’re giving an instruction.3/5/2020 9:27:16 PMGet your child's attention Be clear and concise  Give one instruction at a time Be positive Don't ask, tell Reward How To Communicating with Children Teachable Moments 1421
How to Get Your Children to Do Their Homework36905Parents can help children be more successful in school by taking an active interest in homework and being supportive of study time.3/5/2020 9:25:59 PMParents can help children be more successful in school by taking an active interest in homework and being supportive of study time Homework How To Teachable Moments 2312
How To Track Your Teen’s School Progress3750997/8/2020 5:56:00 PMIdentify important school staff you should meet Introduce yourself Project an attitude of cooperation Determine how often you should How To Teachable Moments School Teens 205
How To Create a Technology-Alternative Lifestyle in Your Home401609While some parents may long for the days of limited technology and no cell phones, that is not the norm for kids today.7/22/2020 2:54:01 PMMake “together time" a habit Share responsibilities and chores Get active Set realistic, meaningful limits on technology use How To Teachable Moments Technology Today's Family 130
How to Get Your Child to Listen and Follow Directions37064Poor listening is one of the most common concerns expressed by parents. Parents can help get their children to listen the first time by making a few simple changes in the way you teach and give commands.3/9/2020 8:21:23 PMStay calm Be direct State commands positively Give one command at a time Give age-appropriate instructions Give brief reasons Be physically present Ask the child to repeat 7349
How to Tame Your Child’s Aggression371286/16/2020 3:34:02 PMObserve children during aggressive outbursts and see if there is a pattern of behavior that occurs before their actions How To Teachable Moments Understanding Behavior Parenting 441
How To Deal with Your Child Being Bullied401611It’s difficult for parents when they discover their child is being bullied. The good news is that although most children in the United States experience bullying, the majority of them find ways to deal with it.7/22/2020 2:55:00 PMTalk with your child to find out for certain if her or she is being bullied, and if so, the extent of it React with compassion Assure How To Family Teachable Moments Bullying 213