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How to Get Your Child to Listen and Follow Directions37064Poor listening is one of the most common concerns expressed by parents. Parents can help get their children to listen the first time by making a few simple changes in the way you teach and give commands.3/9/2020 8:21:23 PMParents often say they need to repeat requests, threaten or raise their voice to get their child to do what they have asked How To Get Your Child To Listen The First Time 16753
How to Get Your Children to Do Their Homework36905Parents can help children be more successful in school by taking an active interest in homework and being supportive of study time.3/5/2020 9:25:59 PMIf your child seems to consistently be spending long periods of time doing homework, check with your child's teacher(s) to see if this matches the teacher's expectations 3593
How to Tame Your Child’s Aggression371286/16/2020 3:34:02 PMUnderstanding how to respond to and minimize your child's aggression can teach him or her how to communicate positively and help prevent future outbursts 1291
How to Give Clear Instructions to Children36906Does getting your child to do something feel like an impossible task? One of the reasons may be the way you’re giving an instruction.3/5/2020 9:27:16 PMLet your child know what you want him or her to do rather than not to do. When you only describe a negative behavior like Don't ask, tell – Do not ask your child to do something 2732
How To Parent the Picky Eater to Make Mealtime More Enjoyable42394/23/2020 3:10:22 PMAsk the doctor to weigh and measure your child and have the doctor show you how to plot out a standard growth chart Children's cookbooks are available to help with meal planning 316
How to Get Your Child to Stop Whining370663/5/2020 3:29:16 PMthey are whining Never give children what they want when they are whining The best way to respond when children are whining is to say you don’t understand them Silence is 11262
How To Deal with your Teen’s Moodiness401610Moodiness affects all of us, but can occur even more frequently with teenagers. 7/22/2020 2:54:08 PMTo do this, consider will help your teen remember that it's easy to talk to you, and that will encourage him or her to start more serious conversations later 410
How to Navigate Parent-Teacher Conferences3751017/8/2020 5:56:40 PMas a partner with your child's teachers Ask your child's teacher to let you know when new strategies are implemented to address concerns and whether they are 246
How to Spend Quality Time with Your Children277094/2/2020 7:32:01 PMTime spent together means opportunities for you to teach, for your children to learn and for both of you to strengthen your loving, nurturing relationship Set aside one day a week 197
How to Help Children Deal with the Impact of Divorce36904Approximately half of all marriages end in divorce. Considering this statistic, countless children are impacted when their parents divorce.3/16/2020 6:05:36 PMdating for several months following the separation to give you and your children time to adapt to the changes Financially support your children to maintain their standard of living 345