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12-year-old son bullies his younger brother14164My 12-year-old son constantly bullies his 7-year-old brother. We've taken my older son to countless doctors, specialists and therapists, but nothing seems to work.1/15/2019 4:47:22 PMthat your kids are still learning what behaviors are acceptable and what behaviors are not acceptable Deal decisively with bullying behaviors by setting limits and intervening early 2010
Disrespectful and Throwing Tantrums at Eight-Years-Old14212​​​​​​Question:Our ​8-year old son is a good student and receives rave reviews at school, but at home he's extremely disrespectful and refuses ...2/7/2020 4:57:47 PMtalk with him about his out-of-control behaviors and positive behaviors he should use in their place Discipline Early Childhood Harmful Behaviors Hitting Meltdown 32038
Understanding Bullying 12131 Living with a child who is a bully creates a tense and unsafe environment at home. Understanding what drives a bullying child will help you take ...4/30/2018 5:40:34 PMthe appropriate corrective action to curb this behavior and restore peace to your home lasting change won't happen if you focus only on the behaviors and trying to change them 1130
Sex, Drugs and Teens12090When children grow up, they don't always make healthy, wise choices. In fact, peer pressure and the desire to fit in, find friends and have meaning...8/25/2018 12:53:58 AMare not going to ​let them continue these behaviors and that you are willing and able to In terms of specific behaviors, call the police and report your teenager as a runaway if 3510
Teenage Son Cuts Himself, Hates Dad14530 Question: My 14-year-old son has many anger issues, has been diagnosed with ADHD and ODD, yells constantly, cuts himself and burns things ...9/15/2017 9:15:41 PMUnsafe behaviors such as self harm, cutting, suicidal statements or threats, aggressive behaviors towards others or property are not 1262
Self-Harming Daughter14439 Question: My stepdaughter began cutting herself and taking large amounts of Benadryl about six to eight months ago. My wife and I were una...9/15/2017 9:15:37 PMMy wife and I were unaware of Give her the opportunity to turn her behavior around, but let her know that sending her to a group home is an option if her bad behavior escalates 776
Cutting and Self Harm: We Can Help11859Our toll-free Boys Town National Hotline, 1-800-448-3000, serves as a crisis helpline for people all over the country. Each year,...4/5/2021 10:17:37 AMhas been a steady increase in the number of communications regarding self-harm behaviors The next step is to find alternative coping skills to replace self-harming behaviors 7202
Stepson Steals and Starts Fires14521 Question: My 12 year-old stepson has always stolen and destroyed things. He’s started fires and flunked three grades in school. Recently h...9/15/2017 9:15:40 PMMy 12 year-old stepson has always young man, stay updated on the current behaviors, help develop a treatment plan to address his behaviors and guide you and his father along your 615
High School Athlete Smoking Pot14374Question:Do you have any advice to ​stop our 17-year-old (he’s almost 18) from smoking weed? He is a junior in high school. He was an athlete a...9/15/2017 9:15:46 PMDo you have any advice to ​stop our 17-year-old (he’s almost 18) from smoking weed In today’s world, technology seems to be a big motivator to change behaviors Harmful Behaviors 1009
How to deal With Teenage Shoplifting14377 Question: When my 16-year-old was caught shoplifting, he didn't even try to conceal what he was doing. He will be punished in court with a...9/15/2017 9:15:30 PMback, but more of a gradual earning of time as he shows more appropriate behaviors that he’s being rewarded for his positive behaviors and realize it’s a privilege to use 584