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What to do when my child doesn’t get along with her stepdad?18518My child doesn’t get along with or listen to her stepdad. What can I do?2/24/2021 8:28:47 PMof the things you can do to help your daughter is to be the one correcting her behavior she loses her phone until you see the behavior change be maintained for a number of days 148
How can I get my teen to stop hanging out with the wrong crowd and making poor decisions?426875My teen is headed down the wrong path and is disrespectful.8/11/2021 8:26:57 PMeasy, especially when our teens start showing some new behaviors that we are not used to Let them know you are struggling with behaviors in the house and would like their support 13
How can I help my 13-year-old stepson who is struggling at home, in school and with relationships?18523My 13-year-old stepson is struggling at and home and school. What can I do to help him?2/24/2021 8:26:29 PMwith Teens Depression Disrespectful Behavior Harmful Behaviors Parent-Child Relationships Understanding Behavior 37
How can I correct aggressive and negative behavior coming from my preteen?426876My preteen with ADHD is acting aggressively and teaching her siblings curse words.8/11/2021 8:27:08 PMMy older children also have a This is not as effective as behavior-based – telling children they will earn the privilege of using their tablet back when they show positive behavior 17
How can I help my 17-year-old son with severe behavior problems get on the right track?18520My 17-year-old son has severe behavior problems and is heading down the wrong path. What can I do?2/24/2021 8:27:26 PMHe is struggling with so many concerning behaviors that I don't know where to start, and I string;#My 17-year-old son has severe behavior problems and is heading down the wrong path 41
How can I consistently use consequences with my 18-year-old son who is having behavior problems?18521My 18-year-old son is having behavior problems. How do I consistently use consequences to help him?2/24/2021 8:27:06 PMHis behavior toward us has been disrespectful and escalating for 2 years, and I have been Health Communicating with Teens Disrespectful Behavior Teens Understanding Behavior 32
How do I deal with a 12-year-old who is disrespectful and defiant?18528My 12-year-old is defiant and disrespectful. What can I do?2/24/2021 8:28:31 PMYou did not mention if this is traditional behavior for her, or if it is something that offer some insight toward pursing a behavior change in your daughter and reducing your 32
My 15-year-old Son is so Disrespectful14332I am looking for help with my 15-year-old son. He is so disrespectful. He constantly has an attitude and will not follow instructions.8/21/2018 7:14:07 PMto answer these and begin to think about small ways you can actively modify his behavior have stated before, clearly communicate the expected behavior, perhaps at a family meeting 1079