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Sleep Issues13808Whether they have trouble sleeping through the night or getting up on time for school, many kids have sleep issues. If you’re trying to put your ch...6/16/2017 1:02:27 AMIf you’re trying to put your child’s sleep problems to rest, here are some parenting tips a href="/search/Pages/parentingResults.aspx?k=ArticleTag:Sleep">Sleep</a 1700
Sleep Issues13359Your child may not be an infant anymore, but sleeping through the night can still be a struggle. Get tips for a good night's rest.12/29/2017 4:19:12 PMbut if you don't see what you are looking for, see all our Sleep Issues content a href="/search/Pages/parentingResults.aspx?k=ArticleTag:Sleep">Sleep</a 49939
Why are Electronics in Bed So Bad for Sleep Habits?12472Electronics can really complicate sleep and being able to fall asleep in a ​couple of ways. One is just that association between bed is for sleep, ...6/16/2017 1:03:23 AMElectronics can really complicate sleep and being able to fall asleep in a ​couple of ways a href="/search/Pages/parentingResults.aspx?k=ArticleTag:Sleep">Sleep</a 1200
Creating Healthy Bedtime Habits12347Dr. Schnoes&#58; There are a numbers of healthy ​hygiene habits and the first one that I would recommend to anyone regardless of their age is nothi...11/28/2017 4:47:17 PMuntil they shut the lights off to go to sleep and so they’re living their life at home, in a href="/search/Pages/parentingResults.aspx?k=ArticleTag:Sleep">Sleep</a 2121
Helping Older Children Learn to Sleep Alone14238 Question&#58; Our 9-year-old daughter is dealing with the fear of being alone in her own room. She refuses to sleep in her own bed and will of...9/15/2017 9:15:29 PMOur 9-year-old daughter is dealing with the She refuses to sleep in her own bed and will often join us in our bed when she wakes up She is at least getting her sleep and so are you 2409
Can My Child’s Use of Electronics Contribute to His Lack of Sleep?12370Helping ​parents figure that out with their teens in terms of how to set limits on those electronics or to have it be a healthy use in their home o...6/16/2017 1:03:23 AMReally trying to protect your sleep so that your body and your brain can do what it needs a href="/search/Pages/parentingResults.aspx?k=ArticleTag:Sleep">Sleep</a 1148
My Child Tosses and Turns at Night. Is There Anything I Can Do to Help Them Fall Asleep?12345The kids who are already ​in bed and desperate to fall asleep and can't, again, I'll look at their hygiene and make sure that's good and it's up ag...6/16/2017 1:03:23 AMI should say I don't do any sleep intervention without a sleep diary, so that I can see when kids are a href="/search/Pages/parentingResults.aspx?k=ArticleTag:Sleep">Sleep</a 1348
Seven-year-old will not sleep in own bed14509 Question&#58; Our 7-year-old daughter had colic as a newborn and cried for the first nine months of her life. We excessively catered to her ju...9/15/2017 9:15:38 PMOur 7-year-old daughter had colic as a newborn and cried for the first nine months of her She will not sleep in her own bed despite the fact that it is decorated to her choosing 1457
My Kids are Always on the Go. How Can I Make Sure They are Getting Adequate Rest?12346Dr. Schnoes&#58; For those kids who aren’t already in ​bed trying to fall asleep, then it’s a little bit more of&#160;​starting with providing them...6/16/2017 1:03:22 AMfor them to be motived to get more sleep and often times what matters to them more is a href="/search/Pages/parentingResults.aspx?k=ArticleTag:Sleep">Sleep</a 1233
Give Your Kids a Pass on Bedtime Issues11882If you have kids between the ages of three and ten, you're probably used to some sort of post-bedtime violation. "I need a glass of water!" is a co...5/30/2018 2:37:56 PMIf you have kids between the ages For all sorts of reasons, kids often don't like the idea of going to sleep a href="/search/Pages/parentingResults.aspx?k=ArticleTag:Sleep">Sleep</a 4506