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April 2018
​Expedition Literacy: Reading Remediation Revisited at Boys Town

February 2018
​Family Risks Associated with Child Maltreatment in Families Receiving In-Home Family Services

  • Year 2017

    April 2017
    ​Boys Town National Research Institute 2016 Annual Report (Ron Thompson)

    January 2017
    Evaluating ​Community Intervention Initiatives at Multiple Boys Town Sites (Jasney Cogua-Lopez)

  • Year 2016

    November 2016
    Follow-Up Interviews for Youth and Families who have Received Boys Town Services (Doug Stuva, Jr.)

    May ​2016
    Predicting which Girls Run Away from Residential Care at Boys Town (Jon Huefner)

    March 2016
    Boys Town National Research Institute 2015 Annual Report (Alex Mason)

  • Year 2015

    December 2015
    Pathways from Childhood Cumulative Risk to Criminal Conviction in Young Adulthood (Alex Mason)

    May 2015
    Investigating Brain Fu​nctions in Children and Youth with Disruptive Behavior (Patrick Tyler)

    March 2015
    Boys Town National Research Institute 2014 Annual Report (Alex Mason)

    January 2015
    An Evaluation of the Parent Connectors Program at the Boys Town California Site (Amy Stevens)

  • Year 2014

    August 2014
    An Evaluation of Boys Town In-Home Family Services ® with Families Referred by Child Welfare (Gilbert Parra)

    May 2014
    A Pilot Study of Boys Town’s Well-Managed Schools Model within a School-wide Positive Behavior Support Environment (Regina Oliver)

    February 2014
    Boys Town National Research Institute SM 2013 Dissemination Report (Alex Mason)

  • Year 2013

    December 2013
    Examining Family Involvement and Youth Outcomes in the Boys Town Family Home Program SM (Jon Huefner)

    Engaging Families in the Family Home Program: A Family-Teacher’s Perspective (Scott Kavanaugh)

    October 2013
    Model Implementation Assessment: Results from the Common Sense Parenting ® Trial (Rob Oats)

    Ongoing Development of Common Sense Parenting across Boys Town Sites (Lauren Anderson)

    May 2013
    Boys Town Family Reunification Program Extends Positive Results (Jay Ringle)

    Implementing the Boys Town Family Reunification Program at the New York site (Jon Jelley)

    February 2013
    Boys Town National Research Institute 2012 Dissemination Report (Alex Mason)

  • Year 2012

    November 2012
    The Boys Town National Research Institute Hosts 2012 Scientific Advisory Panel Meeting (Ron Thompson)

    July 2012
    The Special Needs of Young Children in the Boys Town Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (Jonathan Huefner)

    Adapting Services at the Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility to Meet Youth Needs (Dennis Vollmer)

    May 2012
    Boys Town In-Home Family Services Outcome Study: Findings from Year One (Jordan Ross)

    Building the Evidence-Base for Boys Town In-Home Family Services with a Scientific Prevention Study (Kristin Duppong Hurley)

    March 2012
    Increasing Parental Involvement at the Boys Town Day School: A Pilot Study of the Parent Connectors Program (Amy Stevens)

    Is the Parent Connectors Program a Good Fit with the Family Homes Model? (Krista Kutash)

    January 2012
    Boys Town Hosts Conference on Psychotropic Medication for Out-of-Home Care Youth (Jon Huefner)

  • Year 2011

    October 2011
    On The Way Home: Evaluating Aftercare for Reintegrating Youth (Alexandra Trout)

    On The Way Home: A Family Consultant's Perspective (Maclain Stewart)

    August 2011
    Boys Town's Integrated Continuum of Care SM Yields Positive 12-Month Follow-up Outcomes (Jay Ringle)

    Continuum Measures Pilot Study Finding (Jen Respass)

    July 2011
    Aftercare Supports and Services: Perceptions of School Professionals, Family-Teachers ®, Parents and Youth (Jacqueline Huscroft-D'Angelo)

    On the Way Home Progress Update (Patrick Tyler)

    May 2011
    Project Hope: A Family Intervention for Depressed Parents and Their Adolescents (Alex Mason)

    In-Home Family Services and Parental Depression (Tammy Davis)

    March 2011
    Boys Town Begins Three-Year Outcome Study of In-Home Family Services (Rob Oats)

  • Year 2010

    December 2010
    Reducing Psychotropic Medication Usage at the Intensive Residential Treatment Center (Gail Smith)

    Psychotropic Medication Management Approach (Doug Spellman)

    October 2010
    Measuring Progress in the Integrated Continuum of Care (Brigid Howard)

    July 2010
    Building the Evidence Base for Common Sense Parenting (Alex Mason)

    Parent Training Anytime, Anywhere (Kristin Duppong Hurley)

    May 2010
    Patterns of Movement for Youth within an Integrated Continuum of Residential Services (Jon Huefner)

    Nebraska/Iowa Region Growth (Bob Pick)

    March 2010
    Development of an Enhanced Foster Family Model of Care (Lana Temple-Plotz)

    Monitoring Program Implementation (Denise Ibsen Cole)

    January 2010
    Evidence-Based Practice in Child Welfare, Children’s Mental Health and Juvenile Justice (Ron Thompson)

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Media Relations Specialist

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