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You are invited to attend a Translational Research Center Speaker Series featuring Dr. James Blair, Director, Center for Neurobehavioral Research:

The Impact of Different Substances of Abuse and Forms of Maltreatment on Adolescent Brain Development and Early Results on the Boys Town Program Moderating this Impact

Wednesday, March 27
10:30 a.m. – Noon, CST
National Headquarters Auditorium or via WebEx

james-blair-sm.jpgThe goal of this talk is to consider the findings of the work that we have been doing with youth from Boys Town and the surrounding community in 2018.  Last year, we concentrated on two main areas: (i) Understanding the impact of prior maltreatment on adolescent neurodevelopment; and (ii) Understanding the impact of substance abuse on adolescent neurodevelopment.  We also gathered the beginnings of datasets to explore the impact of the Boys Town program on some of these impacts on neurodevelopment.  The main findings to be covered in the task reflect findings regarding: (i) the differential impacts of forms of maltreatment and the particularly severe impacts of sexual abuse; (ii) the differential impacts of substance abuse; and (iii) data on the Boys Town program's impact on neurodevelopment.

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