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​​​​​Disciplining Teens Email Series

How Do You Discipline a Teenager?

Well, first you have to understand him or her.

Teenagers can go from hardly communicating at all - often ​speaking in ​monosyllabic​ grunts or eye-rolls - to over-communicating via screaming, physical violence and threats to run away or engage in self-harm. So disciplining a ​teen can be a difficult proposition. You need to be effective... but not drive a wedge between the two of you and cause irreparable harm.

For nearly 100 years, the parenting experts at Boys Town have specialized in ​communicating with and delivering effective discipline to teenagers. Their current methods are based on many decades of study, and trials in real-world situations. Which is why we've developed a four-part email series on the subject, including expert advice, teaching activities and social skills that you and your teen can work on together.

Here are some lessons you will learn:

  • Dark Clouds Rolling In
  • Discipline Dispassionately
  • Communicate With Silence
  • Creating Rewards for Effective Discipline​​
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